A downloadable game for Windows

It's a hardcore platformer, so its the usual run, run faster, jump, dodge, and die! With 4+ worlds  planned, a fun soundtrack, and fully animated cutscenes im hoping this can be a medium sized game with some great challenges and fun secrets! 

I very much recommend a controller to play, however a keyboard is certainly viable.

Install instructions

While the game is still in regular beta testing, all you will need to do is unpack and run, some Users will receive a windows defender warning which can be bypassed by going to advanced options and then clicking the "run anyway" button. for further info on the steps or what ignoring smartscreen entails please click here.

thank you so much for checking out this build, feel free to tell me your thoughts on twitter under the user @gr8g0rys  

~<3 greg


CitricidePlatformer7.23.18hotfixA.zip 20 MB
CitricidePlatformerLOZREZ.zip 20 MB